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Due to the current situation, we would like to address the following statement to our business partners, but above all to our valued competitors and manufacturers of insulating materials:

In the last few weeks and months, there have been several attempts to stop us from spreading the claim that the use of calcium-containing insulation prevents the formation ofcalcium chromatecan cause or that calcium-free insulation systems can cause theseChromium (VI) compoundprevented because these claims cannot be proven or are factually incorrect.

Well, we're still online and by no means the first or only company to mention a connection between calcium-containing insulation materials and the formation of hexavalent chromium compounds, see et al


Hexavalent ChromiumEnergy UK Safety Bulletin Summary   

Exposure Hazard:Hexavalent Chromiumby Energy Safety Canada

Furthermore, many safety and warning messages from market-leading manufacturers of turbines and engines indicate a hazard in the above-mentioned context; We would be happy to make these documents available for you to view! 

The online webinar, conducted byDavid Addison, a globally recognized specialist in power plant technology  on May 3rd, 2021.

David Addisonis BSc in Industrial Chemistry and MSc in Materials Management and works as a Principal Consultant/DirectorThermal Chemistry Ltd.(NZL).

You can watch the webinar in English if youhereclick, we will be happy to provide you with the PowerPoint presentation used.

In German-speaking and European countries you are welcome to contact MrMichael Rziha, Chief Key Expert for Plant Chemistry at thePPCHEM AG(CH), you can find his CV (including 36 years of work at Siemens Energy).here.

At the moment z. B. tried to ban us from using the hashtag#greensolutionor the sentence "Safety for people and the environment" to use.


Allegedly, the hashtag or our motto would have a defamatory effect on other providers because our insulation systems have properties that our competitors do not have, which means that they are presented in a worse light.

It should be noted that we are a manufacturer of insulation systems and elements, which we tailor to the needs of our business partners.

The fact that we do not resort to conventional solutions and common material combinations is due to the requirement profile of our customers and in free competition we are just as entitled to the freedom to point out the advantages of our solutions.


What disadvantages could be derived from this in comparison with other versions from other providers is up to the interpretation of each individual.


In no way do we want to fundamentally question the good properties of other insulating materials or system solutions, but we are of the opinion that certain material combinations are not suitable for certain installation conditions if you want to meet certain requirements.

Toover 30 years of market experiencewe consider ourselves competent enough to be able to assess and estimate the risk potential of certain materials, e.g. B. the assessment thatcalcium-freeInsulation systems the emergence of carcinogeniccalcium chromateimpede!


No calcium - nocalcium chromate- you certainly don't even have to study chemistry for this assertion.


And because some of our insulation systems are green coated, we'll continue to hashtag our items#greensolutionmention.


Olesnica, June 2021


Markus Sommer


Kavarmat sc  

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