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metal integral insulation

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Integralisolierung Abgasrohr

heat storage

In order to support modern exhaust aftertreatment systems, exhaust pipes are insulated to provide the system heat where it is mostly needed - in the system itself.

Integralisolierung Abgasanlage

thermo Management

The scope of today's high-temperature thermal insulation in the exhaust aftertreatment is very complex.

Without the use of an insulation system tailored to the high requirements, proper regeneration would not be possible.

Integraldämmung SCR-System

exhaust aftertreatment - retrofitting

In particular, when retrofitting existing exhaust systems of older exhaust gas levels (eg Euro IV or Euro V) to the latest technology (Euro 6, Stage V etc.), heat storage is required to minimize the temperature loss between engine and SCR system.

metallische Integraldämmung

Heat protection of adjacent components

Due to the thermal insulation of all exhaust gas components, surrounding components are protected against overheating.



Safety for man, machine and environment.

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