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textile integral insulation

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Kavarflex - the tailor-made, textile heat protection suit


As the term "heat protection suit" already expresses, it is a kind of insulating jacket, which overlaps at the butt ends and is closed

with a hook / wire or hook / spring connection.

Also Velcro fasteners, push button connections, or the new Loxx connectors are alternatively possible.

As a rule, textile insulations are constructed in sandwich structure, a high-temperature-resistant glass fabric forms the inner layer,

an internal insulating material provides the required heat transfer reduction or heat storage and a silicone, Alfol-

or PTFE-coated glass fabric forms the outer layer.


Due to today's coating options and textile insulation can be described as largely oil and water repellent.



Safety for people, machines and the environment!

textile integral insulation
exhaust pipe
exhaust pipe insulation
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textile integral insulation
exhaust pipe insulation
SCR system
insulated SCR system
textile integral insulation
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