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replacing old and hazardous

Substitution of calcium-containing insulations and systems

high-temperature quartz fibermats and tissues

More on the topic of "substitution of calcium-containing high-temperature insulation" by Kavarmat insulation systems made of calcium-free fabrics and insulation materials of the #Bergkristall brand shortly...

Substitution calciumhaltiger Isolierungen

After removing the thermal insulation from the exhaust pipe, there are clear residues of thecarcinogenic Chromium (VI) compound calcium chromate.

Thatreattachthe existing high-temperature insulation wouldre-formation ofchromatesto lead.


Onesubstitution(e.g. the usecalcium-free insulationfromKavarmate sc) istechnically feasibleand thusapply

Image examples of successfully performed substitutionscalcium-containing high-temperature insulation and systems throughcalcium-free insulation (mats, elements, cushions, etc.).


#rock crystalHigh temperature quartz fiber mats and fabrics


"Before/After Pictures"

for further information please click on the individual pictures.

calciumhaltige Isolierungen Motorenheißteile
calciumfreie Isolierung Motorenheißteile
calciumhaltige Isolierung Wärmetauscher
calciumfreie Wärmetauscherisolierung
Calciumchromat-Rückstände BHKW Motor
calciumfreie Motorenisolierung Kavarmat green
Chrom (VI) Faserstaub
calciumfreie Isolierung Gasmotor
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