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#KavarShop - a Kavarflex brand
HexChecks TM Chrom (VI)-Tests

HexChecks TM Cr6 Tests

The "Chromium (VI) rapid test from USA, exclusively available in Europe only at Kavar.Shop

HexChecks TM Chrom (VI)-Neutralisatoren

HexChecks TM Cr6 neutralizators

The neutralizator for a fast decontamination of hexavalent chromium compounds, i. e. during the disassembly of contaminated calcium-containing insulation products you'll find here

HexChecks TM Chrom (VI)-Tests und -Neutralisatoren

HexChecks TM economy packs

make the deal with special offers of HexChecks TM economy packs and bulks in our #Kavar.Shop

Kavarmat #Protekto - Composite Isoliermatte mit calciumfreier Kontaktseite (Chromatblocker)

New! #PROTEKTO Composite insulation mat with calcium-free contact side (chromate blocker)

Safety for man, machine and environment.

No calcium - no calcium chromate

The worldwide first composite mat for high-temperature applications with a alkali-/earth-alkaline free contact side to protect the formation of carcinogenic and toxic hexavalent chromium compounds.

innovative meets proven - exclusively available here

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