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engine insulation

Welcome to Kavarmat, your system provider for the Substitution of high-temperature insulation containing calcium, the use of which may lead to the creation of the carcinogenic and environmentally toxic calcium chromate.

Please click on that#Bergkristall-Logo for more information on substitution and to ours calciumfree High temperature quartz fiber mats and tissues.

Information and documents to download  about OSH, to the risk assessment or to hexavalent chromium and its copounds you get when you click on the menu#stopCr6 or if you click here.

Further explanations of our philosophy can be found under the menu item Kavarmat or by clicking on the Kavarmat logo.

Kavarmat - calciumfreie Isolierungen

calciumfree into the future

Safety for man and environment
calciumfree | sustainable | non itchy

Kavarmat products from#Bergkristall - High temperature quartz fibermats and tissues prevent further formation of the hexavalent Chromium (VI) compound calcium chromateon your engines, turbines and plant components

calciumfreie Motorenisolierung MAN (BHKW_KWK)

about us

Seit 1988, also seit mehr als 30 Jahren beschäftigen wir uns mit der Fertigung von Hochtemperatur-Dämmsystemen. Gemeinsam mit unseren Geschäftspartnern entwickeln wir das für alle gängigen Abgasstufen beste Lösungsmodell für Anwendungen beim Fahrzeugbau, für Gasmotoren, Dieselmotoren und auch für die neuesten Hydrogen-Motoren, sowie für Nutzfahrzeuge und Baumaschinen, On- und Offroad-Applikationen etc. unter Berücksichtigung aller gültigen Vorschriften für eine optimale Abgasnachbehandlung. ​ Unsere Integraldämmungen unterstützen insbesondere das Thermomanagement bei hochkomplexen Abgasnormen wie Euro 6, Tier IV final oder Stage V. ​ Wärme erhalten, wo sie am meisten gebraucht wird - mit Kavarflex- oder Kavartherm-Dämmsystemen als Wärmedämmung, Hitzeschutz und Wärmespeicherung für: ​ Abgaskrümmer Abgasrohre Entkopplungselemente Dieselpartikelfilter Abgasnachbehandlungssysteme Hardware Nachrüstung ​ sowie für alle heissen Bauteile im Motorbereich bzw. Abgasstrang ​ Durch den Einsatz von der textilen Integralisolierung oder metallischen  Integraldämmung wird der Temperaturverlust zwischen Motor und Abgasnachbehandlung auf ein Minimum reduziert ​ ​ ​

Integraldämmung Baumaschinen
Integraldämmung Mining
Hochtemperaturdämmsysteme für landwirtschaftlicheMaschinen
Integraldämmungen für Schiffsmotoren
Diesellokomotive mit Integraldämmung

calcium-free insulation

Another milestone in the company's history was the development of calcium-free insulation elements, especially as high-temperature insulation for engines and turbines in 2021.


On more and more construction sites, power plants and combined heat and power plants, traces of the carcinogenic and mutagenic element calcium chromate (CaCrO4) are found both on the stripped equipment, such as engines and gas or steam turbines, and on the inside of the insulation elements after the insulation mattresses (also known as insulation blankets, insulation mats, etc.) have been removed. 


The toxic heavy metal compound can be formed mainly as calcium chromate (CaCrO4) when chromium components in the alloy of the insulated surface, such as chromium (III) compounds encounter calcium oxide (CaO) under thermal conditions, usually in a temperature window between 300°C and 600°C.


Calcium oxide is a component of almost all common insulating fabrics and insulation materials on the market and can also be released under certain circumstances (this is called leaching; the so-called "glass core" containing calcium oxide is by no means as inert as some manufacturers like to propagate) and thus becomes an involuntary accelerator (catalyst), which enables the high oxidation of harmless trivalent chromium compounds to hexavalent chromium compounds, which are classified as extremely hazardous (carcinogenic, very toxic to aquatic organisms with long-lasting effects and harmful to health if swallowed (source: ECHA)).


The result is toxic dust deposits on the equipment, mostly in the form of calcium chromate (CaCrO4), which must be specially cleaned at great expense, and contaminated insulating elements that should not be reused under any circumstances and must be properly disposed of as toxic hazardous waste.


Unfortunately, many insulating companies do not address this dangerous issue, so that assembly personnel are exposed to health hazards without being informed and, above all, without being protected.


Since so far to a large extent a professional special waste disposal is renounced, chrome (VI) compounds can seep so unprotected in the groundwater!


Kavarmat s.c. has developed insulation elements and systems whose components are free of calcium oxide and thus prevent the above-mentioned chemical process.


Kavarmat insulation mats are resistant to high temperatures up to over 800°C and are also characterized by the fact that they are easy to process and do not cause itching to the greatest possible extent.


You can find more information about our innovative development here ...



calciumfree insulation systems in UK

Times are changing and the area of responsibility is growing, including in our area of activity.

Understandably, today we are also expected to be part of aoptimal supply and value chain to be. The change from a classic service company to a provider of complete solutions is necessary and more than timely.


The core competence of our house was and is the Development and production of high-temperature insulation for our business partners in at home and abroad.

The exit of the United Kingdom of Great Britain from the EU (Brexit) has more than complicated non-European services and goods deliveries.


In this respect, a reliable local partner is required who not only knows us and our products very well, but also stands for sustainability, occupational safety and environmental protection and works completely calcium-free. 


With Hopes Generation Ltd. and its managing Lloyd Hopes you have a competent and solution-oriented specialist with many years of experience on site, who you can also entrust with further service work in the electronic and mechanical areas, especially for CHP plants (biogas, etc.). With a click on the logo below you will reach directly the homepage of Hopes Generation Ltd. 

Hopes Generation Ltd. - Kavarmat UK
about us
Kavarmat UK

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56-400 Olesnica, Poland

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Portfolio (textile & metal)
textile (Kavarflex)

the tight, dimensionally accurate produced heat protection suit made of high-temperature-resistant fabrics with different impregnations and coatings for tool-free self-assembly, delivered directly to your workbench.

metal (Kavartherm)

the metallic heat protective casing of stainless steel, welded directly on the components to be insulated.


The thermal insulation for life, individual and sustainable.

Own construction and tooling design.


hybrid (Kavarlink)

the textile-metallic compound of textile heat protection suit and metallic heat protective casing to support latest exhaust aftertreatment systems for a balanced and functioning thermal management.


textile Integralisolierung
metallische Integraldämmung
Hybrid Integraldämmung
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